Somatic coaching
for regenerative energy,
freedom of movement and authentic living.

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If you are reading this, you want to take charge of your health and your life.

You want to feel your vital energy again.

You want to cultivate a deep sense of self-trust, confidence, resilience and capacity.

You want to fulfill and take action on your desires and calling.

You are probably wondering: “How could I possibly take on more – learn more, do more, another program…if I’m already overloaded and burnt out?!”

And you would be right.

At the heart of my coaching methodology, we start by unlearning: getting rid of the unnecessary and unlocking your energy and resourcefulness. The aim is to achieve more, with less.

“I don’t have to accept aches and pains- in fact- I don’t have to have them for long, because my body heals anyway, and I can just enjoy the process and listen to/learn what my body is saying. The more attuned I am, the easier the path (even if I’m working hard at something). One can always do more. It’s good also to learn to do less (when you need to). Thank you!”

Kim Colin – Industrial Facility

If you want to know how, keep reading…

“So often we try to fix the thing in front of us, but we forget to look at the life supporting it all.”

You are tired and wondering, “what is the point?”. I thought this was my dream, this job, this project or this contract. I’m stressed, not sleeping and always feeling burnt out. Was it worth it?

My body and I are on different planets, how do I connect and come back to a sense of feeling at home, within myself and my body.

That nagging tension or pain is holding you back from living, and moving through a life of potential and opportunity.

“I came to Shaun wanting to be a better Ultra Runner. I now go to Shaun to be a better human being, which resulted in being the best athletic shape of my life with recognizable gains month on month.”

Andrew Fulford – Camden Town Brewery

Meet Shaun

I have developed this coaching process over 12 years, through my own healing and self-discovery. In 2007, I received my Honours degree Human Performance, after completing my degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Since then, I have added depth to my academic knowledge through experience and education, developing myself into a somatic coach and educator.

I came from the generation of ‘harder, faster, stronger’ – slowly seeing my mental and physical health eroding away. I was sold a story similar to yours: do more, achieve more, chase these external goals. This approach offered short-term results, but it was not leading me down a path to greater health and wellness. I started realising that every medal came at a massive cost to my body, mind and emotions.

Since then, I have discovered a better way…


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How does it work?

4 Key pillars for transformation and authentic living.

Awareness – We can’t change what we can’t see. Once we have a clear view of what is going on for us, we can make the necessary changes. How do you see yourself, your world and your body?

Unlearning – Unravel old patterns, limiting beliefs and self doubt. Free your body of pain and discomfort, and learn how to keep it that way.

New habits/skills – Tailor your new habits and practices aligned with your vision and calling.

Integration – Embedding the new behaviours, beliefs and relationships, so you can live in alignment with your calling: from the inside out.

“I didn’t realize that Shaun had created this whole form of training (being) through his own lived experience and then discovered that there is ample science to support his theories. What Shaun is doing really supports holistic living from a direction I hadn’t previously considered. And the simple idea that if we are in the ‘red’ zone – aka deep in fight or flight – that any learning or training that occurs will be limited in its scope. Because our body is already maxed out worrying about saber tooth tigers!”

Tanya Kazeminy – Artist & Author

How do I work?

**I am currently splitting my time between London and The Chilterns RG9 6EU**
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