I help busy professionals and athletes embody their full performance potential.

Untether your body, unleash your mind for untamed performance

I take an embodied approach to freeing you from chronic pain and tension, preventing burnout and breaking free from stuck habits. You can find your way back to your body, health and vitality once more.

Get in touch with me, if..

You are stuck in a loop of foam rolling, massage, PT and all these hands-on techniques and not getting any better.

There are so many things you know you should be doing, but can’t seem to fit it all in.

You are tired of chronic injury, niggles and waking up as stiff as a board.

You are struggling to follow-through and stay consistent with your daily practice or routine.

Every week there is another ‘next-best-thing’ on the market, but are any of them tailored to work for you?

Meet Shaun

I have developed this coaching process over 12 years, through my own healing and self-discovery. In 2007, I received my Honours degree Human Performance, after completing my degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Since then, I have added depth to my academic knowledge through experience and education, developing myself into a somatic coach and educator.

I came from the generation of ‘harder, faster, stronger’ – slowly seeing my mental and physical health eroding away. I was sold a story similar to yours: do more, achieve more, chase these external goals. This approach offered short-term results, but it was not leading me down a path to greater health and wellness. I started realising that every medal came at a massive cost to my body, mind and emotions.

Since then, I have discovered a better way…


Proud to have worked with

How does it work?

You are more than a physical body. Most body-based and movement training approaches miss the critical connection between mind and body. Without this awareness, it is impossible to understand how we become stuck, sick, and injured, why we lose motivation, and how to break away from destructive habits.

Working with the mind-body relationship, gives us unprecedented access to your full self, allowing you to unlock greater potential.

We blend evolutionary science-based techniques with natural movement and body awareness practices, to heal the body and mind. We grow in our understanding of the deep physical intelligence that lies within all of us.

This is a whole body, whole person approach to health and wellbeing, ridding the body of chronic pain and tension, fostering self-mastery and new learning.

This is for you, if…

You want to play with your children, pain-free

You don’t want to feel chronically tired and stressed

You want to feel at home and alive in your body once more

You want to start those projects you’ve always put off, with a sense of calm and confidence

Chronic conditions have you stuck in a rut

You could do so much before, and you want to get that back

You keep training and exercising, but you’ve hit a wall in your progress

What clients say…

As an older person with osteoarthritis I was willing to try Shaun to see if he could help me move better and to get me out of pain. He is a total professional with a huge amount of patience who has enabled me to move so much better and I have not taken a pain killer for months.


Observant, analytical expertise that produces sustained and observable results. What’s not to like? Shaun has worked with me for a few years on correcting joint and muscles problems (from osteoarthritis) and on reducing associated pain. The effect has been sustained and life-changing for me. I am now in dramatically better shape than I thought possible, and it has been fun too!


I first spoke to Shaun about a recurring knee injury but rather than just treating a specific injury as an isolated issue, his sessions have addressed my body (and even my mind sometimes) in a much more holistic way. I’ve seen substantial improvements in surprising areas including quicker reactions in racket sports, much better balance in yoga and hugely improved upper body strength.


I have been working for several years with Shaun as a coach and then privately. I have severe problems with my neck, back and various joints due to a degenerative disease. I discovered through Shaun’s patience, sense of humour and incredible knowledge that it is never too late to improve upon strength, flexibility and mobility. Shaun is the best!

How do I work?

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If you decide to proceed, you can sign up for ad-hoc sessions, or a package of 6 – 10 sessions.

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