• Somatic Sessions

    These movement experiments help lighten the load of daily living, release pain and tension, and cultivate a deeper connection to self.

As life can get rather busy, rushing from place to place, snapping up one task and then another, we tend to live in the ‘thinking self’ with very little attention on what our bodies and sensory experiences are telling us.

This is not an exercise class and these are not athletic-type movements. These movements are slow, steady and calming. Sometimes it may feel like nothing – and that is ok! The emphasis of these movement experiments are not to get fitter and stronger, but rather to create connection, flow and awareness between the mind and the body.

The space and pace is created for you to truly connect with your body, without those external distractions of loud music, complicated poses or an instructor screaming at you.

The reason the movements are slow, is so your brain can pay closer attention to your body, build a stronger connection and cultivate a resilient nervous system: not just focusing on your muscles and joints.

Who is this for?

You don’t have to be an expert mover or teacher. This is for anyone who is curious about deep-diving into the sensations and wisdom of the body. These simple Somatic movements can take your mind, body and nervous system to a whole new way of being. If you have a body, you can join!

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Is this your first class?


Unwind your nervous system, resetting the daily stress, anxiety and blocks to your nervous system. Expand your capacity to self-regulate.


To yourself, through your body and deepening your connection to others.


Start to connect the dots, feel into your relationships and access the deep resource within you. Giving you more options when life throws a curve-ball at you.

What people say

“ Thank you Shaun, that was very powerful – I feel profoundly calm, and acutely in touch with my nervous system and it’s connectivity. ”

“ How much better my lower back felt after – It has been quite a journey to loosen it up again after my accident. ”

“ Thank you again Shaun. Another, fabulous session. Amazing how tensions and resistance loosen. I never knew I could feel like this at work. These session have so much depth, I couldn’t believe I felt connected to myself. ”

“ Hi Shaun, thanks for tonight’s class, it was great and even shook me a bit in a good way. At some point I felt a bit dizzy and shortly after quite emotional, it was the first time in as long as I can remember that I wasn’t moving to get fit, loose weight, build up strength or cardio or whatever else the fitness gurus tell us to do but just experiencing what my body feels like when simply being, it was quite an intense moment and a powerful realisation, I’ll keep up with it, it’s very therapeutic! ”


Online classes – TBC.

Live group classes – 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 6:45pm – first class FREE!
Venue: Russell’s Water Village Hall RG9 6ES

15 September 2021
13 October 2021
27 October 2021

Is this your first time? Please contact me for more information.

Single Class

Pay as you go – £10

Monthly Subscription

Unlimited Access – £50 pcm

Once purchased, you will receive a Zoom link.

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