Movement coaching for better body awareness and feeling at home in your skin

What is movement coaching?

Since the day we were born, our bodies have been in motion. Movement is at the core of our being. As we grow older, though, the diminishing movement culture and rigid fitness regimes starve us of that initial freedom of movement. In the end, leaving us with daily aches, discomfort and restrictions.

Movement coaching aims to solve this. You still have the blueprint of this incredible capacity within you – why not regain it?

What is movement coaching not?

Movement coaching is not simply personal training. We don’t push your body to do the same movement “harder, better, faster!” Instead, we get you aligned to move the way you were designed to. This requires a complex understanding of how movement integrates into your daily life.

It’s individualised, science-based training at its purest. We ask why you move the way you do, address compensations at the core, and redesign your training accordingly.

Why movement coaching?

If you’re as frustrated with the mainstream fitness industry as we are, you’re ready to embark on this journey. Mainstream programs are one- size-fits all, and most of them push the human body in unnatural ways. The media spoon-feeds us with quick-fix, silver-bullet treatments, and cookie-cutter fitness programs that can be harmful. They don’t take into account the unique complexity of each human body.

In contrast, a movement coaching program is tailored to fit your body – and only your body – like a glove.

How does Movement Coaching work?

There are essentially 3 building blocks in movement-coaching: flexibility, strength and mobility. If these are all in-check, they enable you to perform at your best. You cannot have one without the other.

  • Flexibility

    Our flexibility training unlocks your elastic superpower. Whether you want to reach the top shelf, or lean into a split, we make sure you achieve your goal, easily.
  • Mobility

    Mobility training gets your joints, muscles and bones to play together nicely, so you don’t bend too far, reach too high or move too quickly. It frees your body to express itself, with no fear of injury.
  • Strength

    Form follows function. In every strength-training exercise, we ask ‘Why’, and tailor our approach to match your body’s natural design. This way we avoid pushing your muscles beyond their capacity, while allowing for growth & change.
  • Performance

    This is where it all comes together: when all the notes of flexibility, mobility and strength play in harmony, you don’t need to think – you simply move.

What is my responsibility as coach?

  • To create a safe, confidential, and judgment-free space for you to discover your full movement potential.
  • To be a partner to guide you through all the levels of your journey.
  • To challenge you enough, so you can grow, reconnect and remould your body.
  • To help you understand this process from within, so you can change. Add some focus to the mix, and we reach your goals quickly.
  • To ask you to do more than you have probably done on your own.
  • To bring into your awareness: posture, movement inconsistency and behavioural patterning, thus improving your kinetic literacy.
  • To help you with SMART goal setting, managing unrealistic expectations and holding you accountable to your commitments.
  • To encourage you when the journey gets tough!

What is your responsibility as client?

  • To take full ownership of this process.
  • To implement the required changes. Old habits die hard! To remain accountable to yourself for the homework.
  • To freely communicate any disagreements, or if it feels like the pace is too fast or slow, or if too much or too little is expected by the coach.

Movement coaching is a journey of discovery, getting to the core of how your body works. Keeping your needs and goals front and centre, we unlock your full movement potential, giving you absolute freedom of movement.

How do I work?
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