“Shaun gave me massage therapy and helped me understand how I moved and how to correct imbalances in how I was walking that were aggravating my back. He also used dry needles to help the muscles and stretching exercises.

I felt so much better afterwards and he helped me to stay mindful of what I was doing wrong and how to fix it, which was very effective.

He is very personable and great to work with, relaxing but focused, I would definitely recommend.”

Robin Daly

“Shaun has helped me change my approach to my physical heath and wellbeing! I first spoke to him about a recurring knee injury but rather than just treating a specific injury as an isolated issue, his sessions have addressed my body (and even my mind sometimes) in a much more holistic way. I’ve seen substantial improvements in surprising areas including quicker reactions in racket sports, much better balance in yoga, hugely improved upper body strength (I can know do a yoga wheel and hold it for 5 breaths with ease).

Thanks to Shaun’s style of one-to-one session and homework I now have a set of tools to combat recurring lower back issues and have got back to running despite the injury. And unlike other practitioners I’ve seen in the past, between sessions I really feel I can check in and speak to Shaun whenever I have a question about an exercise or an issue.”

Charlotte Payne

“Shaun has been a crucial part of my half-marathon preparation for over five years. He regularly provides deep tissue massage to maximise my training, as well as muscle activation massage prior to races.

I have benefited from his expertise in body mechanics and motion to solve imbalances in my technique as well as to overcome minor injuries. Shaun has a considered and personal approach, and after every session he provides me with specific and helpful advice on how to improve.”

Silas Spencer

“I have been working for several years with Shaun as a coach and then privately. I have severe problems with my neck, back and various joints due to a degenerative disease. I discovered through Shaun’s patience, sense of humour and incredible knowledge that it is never too late to improve upon strength, flexibility and mobility. Shaun is the best!”

Margot Smith

“As an older person with osteoarthritis I was willing to try Shaun to see if he could help me move better and to get me out of pain. He is a total professional with a huge amount of patience who has enabled me to move so much better and I have not taken a pain killer for months.

This man understands the workings of the human body and never stops adding to his knowledge. I would trust Shaun’s total integrity and warmth to help anyone he chooses to work with. Much love.”

DR Pauline Rennie-Peyton

“I was referred to Shaun through a mutual friend, after trying many different therapies for my pain. I was sceptical at first, as I was not sure how it would work over long distance, but modern technology made it work. I felt very heard and supported by Shaun, even when there was such a big distance. The exercises changed with the time and after around 2.5 months now, I can say I am pain-free.!My back feels generally stronger and more stable. For me, the experience was amazing!”

Iline Ceelen – Medical Team Leader at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

“I have been working with Shaun for three years since the birth of my fourth son. I am in my early 40’s and stronger, more flexible and leaner than I have ever been. Aches and pains that bothered me for years no longer exist. Shaun helped me achieve all of this with his calm and motivating style, always professional and dependable. His encouragement and movement techniques allowed me the physical and mental ability to take ownership of my overall health and exercise routine, and our regular re-assesment of our goals helps me to keep moving forward. Thank you Shaun for helping me to feel younger, fitter and more able.”

Hanna Geller

“Shaun is completely precious as a coach a human being.

As a former ballet dancer I am a fanatic re alignment and perfectionism in my sessions. I am accustomed to a disciplined environment. Shaun expertly coaches you to keep you ‘fit’, he is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how different environments/stresses can effect it, always challenging himself to learn more and more about its intricate details and functions, ailments and aids therefor. He has cured so many of my body’s eerie aches, etc.

However, Shaun also aids in the care of your whole self: your self-love, strength of spirit…He does this all with compassion, humour and a great deal of empathy.

Hence, not only would I recommend Shaun as a coach that pushes your body to whatever limit with which you are comfortable, adapting to your personality and conviction (I usually leave it up to him and always like to be pushed), but he’s also a careful and good man who cares for his clients’ overall well-being. This is rare.

Thank you, Shaun. For everything. Even through this tragic plague.”

Danielle Fein

“Observant, analytical expertise that produces sustained and observable results. What’s not to like? Shaun has worked with me for a few years on correcting joint and muscles problems (from osteoarthritis) and on reducing associated pain. The effect has been sustained and life-changing for me. I am now in dramatically better shape than I thought possible, and it has been fun too! I recommend Shaun’s knowledge, skill and manner without reservation.”

John Snelson

“I do a fair amount of exercise and play tennis competitively still. My back and hamstrings are really tight/inflexible and I have a lack of mobility in my shoulders. I consulted Shaun to see if some massage and stretching work would help.

I was most impressed by his professional and physiological approach to my issues. He certainly loosened up my body and muscles with a consequent improvement in my performance on and off the court.

Shaun is always reading up on the latest techniques and developments in fitness and health and I have absolute faith in his skills and abilities and recommend him unreservedly.”

Dalton Odendaal
“After quitting smoking, I gained over 10kgs. Working with Shaun, he provided me a nutrition plan to restart my metabolism and training oriented to Pilates style stretching and muscle building. Training sessions were always different and never monotonous. I’ve had various personal trainers in the past and Shaun is by the best I’ve worked with. Highly recommended.”

John Frezoulis

“I highly recommend Shaun’s massage therapy, it helped me massively after a full day CrossFit competition. It relieved my tired muscles, and I was also given useful tips on how to train smart, how to recover faster and minimalise soreness after intensive sessions which I use regularly. Shaun is friendly and approachable, great person to work with and knowledgeable sport professional who will guide you and help you to reach next level of fitness and wellbeing. Thank you!”

Gosia Ban

“Nothing is so frustrating as an injury preventing you from doing what you want to do and achieve. I unfortunately developed an injury, often resulting in minor yet constant pain. Without even mentioning it, on my first assessment, Shaun queried about my shoulder, which was starting to give me issues in the last year. I didn’t tell him about it because I was there to see him for my leg. I was amazed he could pick something like that up by just watching me walk on a treadmill! I followed Shaun’s program which included many exercises targeting my whole body. And I haven’t looked back since and I haven’t needed to go see anybody else.”

Daniel de Kock – Developer at Allan Gray Proprietary Limited

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